Ayna Mirror

12,900 EGP


W 100cm x H 180cm




bamboo, Natural Cane

The Ayna mirror features a frame crafted from natural bamboo and rattan cane for a warm and rustic style.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable grass that is prefectly renewable.

The bamboo in the Ayna mirror frame is durable yet lightweight, preventing cracking or breaking over time with minimal maintenance.

Rattan cane accents enhance the organic aesthetic, providing woven texture and visual depth.

As shown above the high-quality mirror glass of the Ayna mirror provides a clear and distortion-free reflection.

Two Junior bamboo hanging bars sit on either side of the top of the mirror frame.

The hanging bars provide functional storage complementary to the rustic style.

The shelf provides extra counter space in front of the mirror for makeup applicators, hair styling tools, scented lotions and candles.

The Ayna balances handcrafted rustic beauty with useful and thoughtful storage.

Its eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo materials give it a distinctive warmth and natural aesthetic appeal.

The Ayna brings lightness and vitality to any space with its geometric rattan accents and reflection-enhancing mirror.

With a classic rectangular shape and neutral silvery tone, the Ayna complements wood, metal, stone and more.

Its versatile style suits bathrooms, vanities, entryways, closets and beyond.

The Ayna enhances function and style in one rustic yet intricate piece.

Crafted with care using premium materials, the Ayna is built to last. Its rustic-meets-modern style earning enduring attraction and value.

The Ayna mirror delivers convenience, ambiance and inevitable charm all at once.


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