Aile L Shape Set

7,500 EGP97,300 EGP


L Shape, Side table, Ottoman, Set


L shape + Ottoman + Side Table


L shape: 440 x 340cm
Ottoman: L 100cm x W 100cm
Table: L 50cm x W 50cm


Natural Beech Wood



The Aile L Shape Set, a super embodiment of current comfort and flexibility.

This set consists of an L-formed sectional couch, an ottoman, and matching tables, all crafted with natural beech wood.

Contemporary Design: Natural Beech Wood Construction

The Aile L Shape Set showcases a modern-day layout, meticulously crafted with natural beech timber.

All in All the smooth strains, clean finish, and warm tones of the wood create an advanced and inviting atmosphere on your dwelling area.

The natural splendor of the beech wooden adds a hint of elegance to any decor style, making this

set a flexible choice for modern-day and traditional interiors alike.

Versatile Seating: L-Shaped Sectional Sofa and Ottoman

All in all the centerpiece of the Aile L Shape Set is the spacious L-fashioned sectional couch.

With its generous dimensions and ergonomic layout, it gives a snug seating association for you and your loved ones.

The accompanying ottoman offers extra seating or serves as a footrest, permitting you to customise

your seating enjoy and create the best lounging region.

Whether you are website hosting a meeting or playing a quiet nighttime alone, the versatility of this

set ensures that everybody can discover their preferred spot.

Functional Tables: Enhance Your Living Space

The Aile L Shape Set additionally includes matching tables that decorate the capability and style of your living place.

region, making them perfect for containing books, faraway controls, or table lamps.

Elevate Your Living Space: Contemporary Comfort and Versatility

In precis, the Aile L Shape Set gives contemporary consolation and flexibility to raise your dwelling space.

Crafted with natural beech wood, this set combines style with durability.

The L-fashioned sectional couch and ottoman offer adequate seating options for relaxation and socializing.

The accompanying tables enhance functionality and upload a hint of elegance to the overall design.

Embrace modern comfort and versatility with the Aile L Shape Set and create a welcoming surroundings where you can unwind and entertain with no trouble.


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