Flores Plant Holder

4,900 EGP


D 30cm x H 70cm





The Flores Bamboo plant holder is a unique and stylish way to display your greenery.

Crafted from natural bamboo, this plant holder has a timeless simplicity that will complement any decor.

The spacious top provides ample room for large leafy plants or cascading vines, while the slim stem allows it to fit comfortably on tables, countertops or shelves.

The light earthy tone of the bamboo creates a warm and organic contrast with most houseplants.

Its neutral color palette means it pairs well with plants in bloom as well as greenery.

Plant Holder material

The natural material is also very durable and resilient, able to withstand moisture and temperature changes without damage.

With minimal upkeep required, the Flores Bamboo plant holder is an effortless choice.

Sustainable and eco-friendly, the Flores Bamboo plant holder is a stylish way to bring nature indoors. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, harvested in a sustainable manner with no trees being cut down.

By choosing this plant holder, you are opting for an eco-conscious decorative piece that will last for many years.

The simple yet elegant shape of the Flores Bamboo  makes it perfect for contemporary, mid-century or eclectic spaces.

Its minimalist design is free from embellishments, allowing your indoor plants to take center stage.

Place it on tables for a colorful focal point or group multiple pieces together for an eye-catching landscape.

Highlights includes natural bamboo construction, neutral toned finish, spacious top suitable for large plants, durable and sustainable, minimalist design, weather resistant, easy to care for.

The Flores Bamboo plant holder is an organic, versatile and long-lasting choice for displaying greenery in your home.

Bring nature in and nurture your spirit with the Flores . Its simple earthy beauty and natural material promote wellness and joy.

Bringing life to your indoor spaces has never been easier or looked so effortless, stylish and benign for the environment.


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