Kantoor Desk

8,500 EGP11,900 EGP


Chair, Desk


Desk: W 120cm


bamboo, Natural Beech Wood



the Kantoor Desk and Chair Set, a perfect combination that brings productivity and style to your workspace. The set includes a beautifully crafted desk and a comfortable chair, designed to enhance your work experience. The desk is made from natural beech wood, while the chair features a bamboo construction. This set provides ample space for your work essentials, allowing you to create a productive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Sleek and Timeless Design: Natural Beech Wood Desk

The Kantoor Desk features a sleek and timeless design, meticulously crafted from natural beech wood. The unique grain patterns and warm tones of the wood create an inviting and elegant workspace. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the desk blend seamlessly with various decor styles, making it a versatile addition to any office or home office setup. Let the natural beauty of the beech wood desk elevate the ambiance of your workspace.

Functional and Spacious: Productive Workspace

The Kantoor Desk offers both functionality and spaciousness to support your work needs. With a generous length  there is ample room to accommodate your computer, documents, and other work essentials. The desk height ensures ergonomic comfort, allowing you to maintain proper posture and reduce strain during long work sessions. Create an organized and efficient workspace with the Kantoor Desk, where you can focus and maximize your productivity.

Comfortable and Sustainable: Bamboo Chair

The Kantoor Chair, included in the set, is crafted with bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Bamboo offers durability and strength while exuding a natural and rustic charm. The chair’s ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and support, allowing you to work for extended periods without discomfort. Embrace sustainability and experience the eco-conscious benefits of the bamboo chair while enjoying its stylish and comfortable presence in your workspace.

Seamless Integration: Stylish Workspace Solution

The Kantoor Desk and Chair Set seamlessly integrates into various office or home office environments. The cohesive design aesthetic of the desk and chair creates a harmonious and stylish workspace solution. Whether your decor is modern, Scandinavian, or traditional, the set’s versatile appeal effortlessly complements your interior design choices. Elevate the overall aesthetics of your workspace with the Kantoor Desk and Chair Set and create an environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

Elevate Your Workspace with the Kantoor Desk and Chair Set: Productivity Meets Style

In summary, the Kantoor Desk and Chair Set combines productivity and style to elevate your workspace. The natural beech wood desk offers a sleek and timeless design, while the bamboo chair provides comfort and sustainability. The spacious desk surface allows for efficient organization of your work essentials, providing a productive environment. Embrace the cohesive design of the set, seamlessly integrating it into your existing decor. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with the Kantoor Desk and Chair Set, and transform your workspace into a haven of productivity and style.


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