Modern Carved Outdoor Garden Lantern Lamp

3,800 EGP


beige, Black, Blue, Dark Beige, Off White, Shiny Blue


W 30cm x D 30cm x H 35cm





Brighten your garden with this Modern Floral Carved Outdoor Garden Lantern Lamp. With this Floral Carved Garden lamp, you can relax with its comforting lights. Get this modern lantern lamp now and sparkle your garden with majestic lighting. The lantern lamp will provide you with security and safety while chilling in your garden yard or pool yard. 

Why Choose Modern Carved Garden Lantern Lamp?

This lantern lamp will illuminate your walled garden with its soft, decorative lighting and inspiring Medieval carving. An Egyptian-oriented factory produced this garden lantern lamp with the highest quality materials to guarantee you the best outcome. These materials are fiber wood with polyester that will provide you with the best quality performance and last longer in your fenced garden.

How to Use?

The lantern lamp could be placed above a yard fence or a blocked wall in an outdoor garden to expose its lighting effect during the night-time. Firstly, you would need to mark the placement of the lamp in your yard. Then, you would need to decide whether you will be needing wired electricity or a wireless bulb. Note that all types of lightning would work on this product. Lastly, you will calmly place your lantern lamp on the light bulb and enjoy your nighttime with these glowing lights.


This lantern lamp is perfect for your outdoor living areas especially gardens, fences, lawns, patios, yards, and porches. It is preferably placed on a gate pillar to secure and brighten your gateway. Decorative lighting of this carved lantern light will appear and glow along with beautifying your entrance gate.



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