Sbarra Dining set

6,500 EGP42,900 EGP


Chair, Table, Set


Table + 4 chairs


Table: L 130cm x W 60cm


Natural Beech Wood



Introducing the Sbarra Dining Set, a masterpiece of design that effortlessly combines

timeless elegance, functionality, and comfort.

Crafted from high-quality natural beech wood, this dining set exudes sophistication and brings

a touch of nature into your dining space.

With its thoughtfully designed table and four matching chairs, the Sbarra Dining Set is the perfect

centerpiece for memorable meals and gatherings.

Natural Beauty and Durability: Beech Wood Construction

The Sbarra Dining Set is meticulously crafted from premium natural beech wood, renowned for its

durability and exquisite grain patterns.

The natural variations in the wood create a warm and inviting ambiance, making each piece in the set unique.

Also the natural beech wood construction ensures the longevity of the dining set, allowing you to enjoy

its timeless beauty for years to come.

This spacious table provides ample surface area for dining, allowing you to comfortably enjoy meals with family and friends.

All in all the four matching chairs included in the set are designed to provide optimal seating comfort, allowing you to relax and savor your dining experience.

Timeless Style: Fits Any Dining Space

The Sbarra Dining Set boasts a timeless design that effortlessly complements any dining space.

Whether your dining area features a modern, rustic, or traditional decor theme, this set seamlessly

blends with its surroundings, adding an elegant touch to your interior design.

The natural beech wood finish adds warmth and character, creating an inviting atmosphere

for shared meals and conversations.

The sturdy construction of the natural beech wood ensures durability, allowing you to enjoy countless

gatherings and meals without compromising on quality.

The Sbarra Dining Set offers both comfort and functionality.

All in all the chairs are ergonomically designed with supportive backrests and spacious seating areas, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

The table’s generous dimensions accommodate multiple dishes and place settings, making it ideal

for hosting family gatherings or dinner parties.

With the Sbarra Dining Set, every meal becomes an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

Enhance Your Dining Space with the Sbarra Dining Set

In summary, the Dining Set offers a perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and durability.

Crafted from natural beech wood, this set brings the beauty of nature into your dining space.

The perfectly proportioned measurements of the table and chairs ensure optimal comfort, while the

timeless style allows the set to seamlessly complement any dining area.

Enhance your dining space with the Sbarra Dining Set and create an ambiance

that exudes both sophistication and comfort during every meal.


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