Ardışık Bed

32,900 EGP38,900 EGP


120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm


Bed: L 200cm





Presenting the reproduction of harmony from nature and peace for body in one, with Ardışık Bamboo Bed. Made with bamboo, an environmentally friendly material, this luxurious bed adds a touch of natural color to your bedroom. The Ardışık Bamboo Bed long gives a comfortable sleeping place of generosity as well as tranquility, so that you can lounge and enjoy restful nights.

Harmony of Nature: Bamboo Construction

Tthe Ardışık Bamboo Bed is painstakingly crafted from bamboo, a natural material that expresses the serenity and beauty of nature. Humanizing: The attractive grain patterns and warm colors of the bamboo lend your bedroom a comfortable, natural atmosphere. The graceful lines and simple form of the bed impart a touch of contemporary eloquence, complementing any style decoration and raising the level of your bedroom environment.

Serene Comfort: Restful Sleep Experience

Take pleasure in simplicity with the Ardışık Bamboo Bed. This bed providing plenty of room for you to stretch out and relax. These are precisely the natural properties of bamboo, which make it breathable and moisture-wicking. This helps to provide a peaceful night’s sleep. Wake up, refreshed and recharged with energy to face the coming day.

Sustainable Choice: Eco-Friendly Bedding

Selecting the Ardışık Bamboo Bed means making an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for your bedroom. As a renewable resource, bamboo is fast growing and uses very little resources to survive. This bed lets you sleep soundly, knowing that in doing so you are helping to save the earth. The Bed combines style, comfort and sustainability.

Craftsmanship and Durability: Built to Last

Made with thoughtful attention to detail, the Ardışık Bamboo Bed is carefully designed for longevity. The bamboo structure provides durability and stability, laying a firm foundation for your sleep. Its solidly constructed joints and sturdy reinforced frame provide lasting support. You can enjoy the Ardışık Bamboo Bed ’ s comfort and elegance for years to come.

Versatile Design: Seamless Integration

The versatile design of the Ardışık Bamboo Bed makes it a natural fit in any bedroom. No matter what your decor style–modern, Scandinavian or bohemia–the classic beauty of the bamboo bed will easily blend in with whatever you have dreamed up. Let the Ardışık Bamboo bed, as an icon of tranquility, be your bedroom’s mood lighting and create a peaceful state.

Harmony of Nature and Serene Comfort: Have a try at the Bamboo Bed.

To sum up, the Ardışık Bamboo Bed combines perfectly nature’s balance and cool comfort. This bed is made from bamboo, melding the beauty of nature into your sleeping chamber and exuding a calming sense. Go eco-friendly with a bed that meets your sustainable standards. With its outstanding craftsmanship and durability, you can use and enjoy the comforts of your Ardışık Bamboo Bed for years to come. The Ardışık Bamboo Bed provides both serenity and sustainable luxury, transforming your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.


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