Fan Bed

32,900 EGP36,900 EGP


120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm


Bed: L 200cm





The Fan Bamboo Bed-Nature’s Masterpiece of Sustainable Comfort and Serenity. This outstanding bed is made from bamboo, a very environmentally-friendly and beautiful wood with great strength. The Fan Bamboo Bed  provides you with a roomy and peaceful place for some shut-eye.

Nature-Inspired Serenity: Bamboo Construction

The Fan Bamboo Bed is constructed from bamboo, a natural material that incorporates the charms of nature into your sleeping room. The soft grain patterns and warm tones of the bamboo produce a relaxing humid atmosphere, promoting peace of mind. The bed’s clean lines and minimalist design lend a modern air of elegance to your surroundings, while matching perfectly with different styles.

Sustainable Comfort: Eco-Friendly Choice

Selecting The Fan Bamboo Bed is a sustainable choice for your bedroom. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly, and consumes few resources to raise. With the help of a bamboo bed, you can save our environment and enjoy great comfort in one fell swoop. This is where the Fan Bamboo Bed comes in–it allows you to sleep soundly, guilt-free, while doing your part for our planet.

Exceptional Quality: Craftsmanship and Durability

Fashioned with supreme quality and attention to detail, the Fan Bamboo Bed is solidly constructed. Because bamboo construction is strong and durable, your sleep will have a sturdy base. Expert workmanship and reinforced frame provide stability. It will support you in enjoying the comforts of Fan Bamboo Bed for years to come.

Tranquil Sleeping Environment: Perfect for Restful Nights

Pan Shuren Sheets The  Bed provides a peaceful environment for sleep. It is ideal to have nights of deep rest and beautiful dreams. Since bamboo is naturally breathable and humidity-absorbing, its properties help ensure that you have a comfortable clean night’s sleep. With the FanBamboo Bed, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized every morning.

Versatile Design: Seamless Integration

The Fan Bamboo Bed has a design that easily fits into different styles of bedrooms. Whether your room is decorated modern, bohemian or eclectic the clean lines and natural warmth of bamboo are sure to suit. The appeal and versatility of the Bed add a touch of class to your bedroom decor.

Fan Bamboo Bed: Nature-inspired serenity and sustainable comfort

In short, Fan Bamboo Bed combines the natural tranquility of nature with environmental friendliness and beautiful craftsmanship. This bamboo bed introduces the splendor of nature into your bedroom, as well as providing a peaceful environment in which to sleep. Bamboo is a green option that fits in with your way of thinking. Enjoy top-notch quality and comfort with the Fan Bamboo Bed, setting up your bedroom as a sanctuary of tranquility and conservation.


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