Toplama Dining Set

8,500 EGP89,900 EGP


Chair, Table, Set


Table + 6 Chairs


Table: L  220cm x W 110cm


bamboo, Natural Beech Wood



The Toplama Dining Set is a great mix of fancy get-togethers and eco-friendly luxury. This amazing group has a well-made table and six chairs, made to make your eating time better. The table is built with real beech wood. The chairs have bamboo designs, making them a green pick that adds beauty from nature to your eating room.

Timeless Elegance: Natural Beech Wood Table

The main part of the Toplama Dining Set is a table made from natural beech wood. The wood’s rich and warm colors make a classic beauty that makes any eating place even nicer. The natural lines on the table give it personality and richness, while its shiny surface makes it look fancy. When having big fancy dinners or simple meals with family, the Dining Set’s wooden table makes for great eating times that you won’t forget.

Sustainable Luxury: Bamboo Chairs

The six chairs in the Dining Set are made with eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo is a thing we can use again and it grows very fast. It doesn’t need much to live well. When you pick chairs made of bamboo, it means going for a fancy look that’s good to the earth and helping save our environment. These chairs made of bamboo not only make your eating place look pretty with nature but also are strong and last long. They give you joy for a long time.

Comfortable Dining Experience: Ample Space and Ergonomic Design

The Toplama Dining Set provides a comfy meal time for you and your friends. They can eat their meals without feeling squished together too much. If its a fun party or just family meal, the Toplama Dining Set makes eating together enjoyable for everyone.

Versatile Design: Seamless Integration

The Toplama Dining Set is a flexible design that easily fits into different dining room looks. Whether your home is old-fashioned, modern or mixes styles, the long life of wooden tables and bamboo chairs easily fits with how you want things to look. Make your eating area look nice and cool with the Toplama Dining Set as the main thing that looks classy.

Make fancy parties and long-lasting luxury with Toplama Dining Set.

In short, the Toplama Dining Set is great for nice get-togethers and luxury in a way that’s good for nature. This dining set with wooden tables and chairs made from bamboo adds natural beauty and class to your eating area. Use the Dining Set to be sustainable without giving up on how it looks or feels, and enjoy your time with friends. The big space and easy to use design make sure you and your friends enjoy eating in comfort. Make your eating space look classy and eco-friendly with the Toplama Dining Set. It also provides lasting comfort for good times spent together while enjoying food.


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