Bulto Bed

28,900 EGP36,900 EGP


120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm


Bed: L 200cm





The Bulto Bedcomes the purest form of contemporary design with a natural bamboo veneer whose sustainability endows absolute ecological comfort. This beautiful bed is exquisitely crafted in bamboo, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Once inside you won’t want to leave during those peaceful nights

Contemporary Elegance: Bamboo Construction

The Bulto Bamboo Bed, which is made of bamboo–a material that suggests modern elegance and refinement. The smooth textures and warm tones of bamboo lend a sleek, modern feel to your bedroom. The simple appearance and elegantly spare design of the bed add a hint of sophistication, harmonizing neatly with different styles for furniture arrangements.

Sustainable Comfort: Eco-Friendly Choice

The Bulto Bamboo Bed is a green choice for your bedroom. Bamboo is a sustainable resource. It grows rapidly and requires little resources to grow strong. Choosing a bamboo bed means not only the most comfortable choice, you are also contributing to environmental protection. Our eco-friendly sleeping spaces will help you to rest easy.

Exceptional Quality: Craftsmanship and Durability

The stability of this construction built with bamboo assures you a firm foundation for your peace. Advance Combined Technology: Expert craftsmanship, reinforced framework. The Bulto Bamboo Bed promises you years of enjoyment in elegance and comfort.

Inviting Comfort: Serene Sleep Experience

You’ll enjoy the warm hospitality of Bulto Bed made complete with a bamboo bed. Because bamboo is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, sleeping on it gives a comfortable and relaxed experience. Wake up feeling fresh and full of energy, ready to face the day.

Versatile Design: Seamless Integration

A versatile design The Bulto Bamboo Bed will fit perfectly into many different bedroom decoration styles. But regardless of your decorating style–modern, minimalist or eclectic–the bamboo bed’s natural beauty can be easily integrated into the overall look you hope to achieve.

The Bulto’s bamboo bed leads the way to contemporary elegance. Establish a comfortable and welcoming environment in your bedroom around this centerpiece of harmony without sacrificing aesthetics or practicality.

Sleep in Contemporary Elegance and Sustainable Comfort with Bulto’s Bamboo Bed

To sum up, the Bulto bamboo bed combines exquisite modern taste with sustainable coziness. Made of bamboo, this bed adds an element from the natural world to your bedroom and lends a sense of tranquility. The Bulto bamboo bed makes it possible to combine style, comfort and sustainability.


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