Puente Table

13,900 EGP


L 110cm x W 45cm


bamboo, Natural Cane



Meet the Puente Bamboo Table, a great design that mixes easy use with classic style. Made from bamboo, a green and good-for-the environment thing, this beautiful table adds natural beauty to your home area. The Puente Bamboo Table small but can be used in many ways for different situations, places or tasks.

Natural Beauty: Bamboo Construction

The Puente Bamboo Table is carefully made by hand from bamboo. This natural wood has beautiful looks and rustic feel to it. The special marks and warm colors of bamboo make any room feel nice, natural and welcoming. The simple design of the table looks classy, not showing off too much. It matches different ways to decorate and makes your place look nicer overall.

Functional Simplicity: Versatile Design

Enjoy easy use with the Puente Bamboo Table. Its design can change to fit many ways and places. Use it as a table next to your couch or bed for small meet ups, or look nice when showing off decorations you like. The small size is perfect for flats, workplaces or any area that needs lots of use. Get the Puente Bamboo Table and use it to make your home space better in both how it works and looks nice.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Sustainable Design

When you pick the Puente Bamboo Table, it’s a smart decision for your space because bamboo is green and lasts long. It needs very little to grow well. This table lets you use eco-friendly ideas without losing style or practicality. Feel good about helping the environment while also enjoying the natural beauty and flexibility of this Bamboo Table from Puente.

Sturdy and Durable: Quality Craftsmanship

The Bamboo Table is made with careful care and good work. The strong bamboo build makes it last a long time, so you can use it as furniture for many years. The flat surface is simple to keep clean and look after, making it easier own this great table. Buy a table that looks good and is useful at the same time with Puente Bamboo Table.

Enjoy Simple Functions and Everlasting Beauty of Puente Bamboo Table

In short, the Puente Bamboo Table is a simple and classic piece that can be used in your home. Made from bamboo, this table adds some natural beauty and old-fashioned style to any room. Use a table that matches your nature-loving beliefs and is good for the environment. Its simple design makes it good for many tasks, and its small size means it can fit easily in any place. Make your home look nice by using the Puente Bamboo Table. This easy-to-use and beautiful piece of furniture can create a cozy space with good style that shows who you are.


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